Thursday, 30 June 2011

David Bowie in pencil

I love David Bowie so I decided to draw him. I looked though some photographs of him and this one caught my eye, I really liked his expression and how different his face is to everyone else's, he would never blend into a crowd.                                                                                          

I started by sketching the outlines and features using a B2 pencil, once i was satisfied with the proportions I started building up the tone on his face using a B pencil, once that was completed I started filling in and shading the the hair with the same pencil.

As you can see I then moved onto drawing and filling in the scarf, which I had to measure out in sections using a B6 pencil for depth.
 Hope you all like it.  


  1. If you had the opportunity to illustrate anything at all what would it be?
    What original illustration project could you come up with?
    You could use Bowie for inspiration I don't know perhaps illustrate your favourite lyrics of his without recourse to pictures of Bowie and/or popstars from photos...
    Bowie used a cup-up technique to write his lyrics based on William Burrough's writing technique? Could you use that in some way?

  2. I really like the drawing in the scarf! Beautifully done. Perhaps the texture/tooth of your paper is a bit rough for the detail and nuance required in the face?

  3. I've used the cup-up technique in dance before, I think that's a great idea, I'll give that a go.
    Thanks I'm glad you like it.
    Yes I agree the paper is quite course resulting in the shading looking grainy which I didn't realise until I got into the drawing, different paper next time :)