Tuesday, 17 April 2012

DD2000 - Design Discourse

Shepard Fairey


Shepard Fairey works are all traditional, whether it be drawing, painting or print. Most of his work is very political, he wants to show the power and control in society. He want to engage people when they see his works, even if they like his drawings or  not.  He wants people to notice his works as eyecatching but also notice the political message he is trying to portray. He believes art can show his political messages to anyone.

He used a reference for one of his works from the “Hope” campaign used by Barack Obama’s supporters, which he has now got a lawsuit for copyright. He believes copyright is important when it comes to direct copies, but he states that one should be allowed to transform something into something new, artists are inspired by other works just as any other profession, he gives an example how authors are inspired by older books and rewrite the stories and text.

He uses a computer for his work, and he does not feel bound by the screen, he loves using screen print and finds it very liberating and a great reproduction for his images. He loves doing his work by hand and feels there is a difference from the printed copy to the original piece.

Sarah Illenberger

Sarah Illenberger’s work uses lots of different materials and makes them into a 3D model and has them professionally photographed as he final image. She feels like she needs to work hands on rather than on a computer, she says she feels restricted when looking at the screen, and would rather work with everything around her and choose her own paints, colours and materials, the only time she likes to use the computer for her work is to find inspiration and to find different shapes and patterns for her own work. I quite agree feeling limited on the computer, I much prefer to draw things traditionally and afterward edit on the computer.    

She also worked on a project for wallpaper magazine in Germany and she arranged the furniture as a college to resemble pieces of modern art. She makes sure she works more on the concept and ideas rather than the final outcome itself and one it is finished she usually will through away the piece she has worked on since it is the photograph that is the final image.  

She loves to make people smile with her work and make them laugh, so that they will remember her work in years to come. She has so many interesting ideas that it would be hard for me to forget, I find her work very inspiring and the way she creates the image is brilliant. 

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