Tuesday, 17 April 2012

DD2000- Exhibiton Review

On my trip to New York with my University we visited my different Museums. One of my favourites was the Museum of Modern Art, there where so many inspiring exhibitions and fantastic artwork. One of the exhibitions Printin’ showed Ellen Gallagher’s work, she wanted to change what print could be with her very complex pieces. Most of her work uses portraiture, identity and advertising and the different methods include prints, drawings, photographs, films, sculptures, and many others.

I have not worked using print for a long time, but the way Ellen Gallagher’s work shows that it is not all the same and it makes me want to try something different and use print in a unique way.

There was a lot of other work which I really enjoyed viewing at MoMA some of the pieces were amazing. It was a  great experience seeing so many different types of artwork from artists all over the world all in one museum, I found it unfortunate that I didn’t get to see everything in there since it was so big, but I loved everything that I saw.    

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